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Key duplicating and lock picking are just some of the basic services we offer. Do you have questions about locks? Are you searching for answers? Learn more about locks, what is lock rekey and about the significance of securing all entrances.

Why should I install supplementary window locks?

Most windows lock with simple latches, which cannot ensure security. Don't forget that perpetrators do not come in only through doors but through windows as well. So, our locksmith company in San Tan Valley suggests installing good locks at windows. Remember to check them often and don't underestimate the value of having window locks replaced frequently.

What is lock rekey?

Lock rekey involves the partial changing of the lock, so that it will open only with a new key. The current key won't fit in the lock anymore and, this way, you can avoid the entrance of previous tenants or co-tenants. You will use a brand new key and so you won't have problems resulting from damaged keys either.

Is it possible to install padlocks on windows?

This is possible and highly recommended if you live in an area that is a high risk for burglaries. Remember that the door is just one of the entrances that are available to intruders so if the window looks like an easy option they will go for it.

Are locksmiths available 24 hours?

Many locksmith service providers offer on-call emergency services or a 24-hour service. If it is an emergency, our experts suggest that you call us right away so we can assist and in most cases you do not have to wait until morning.

Will high-grade locks wear out as quickly as conventional locks?

High-grade and more expensive locks are more often than not made with sturdier materials which often include the door itself. It will take a good deal of maintenance to keep it running smoothly but it will definitely last longer than most conventional locking mechanisms. Keep your locks well-maintained and it will serve you well.

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