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Different ways to change, maintain and repair locks.

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Lock all doors in the house

Locking well all doors and windows in the house is important but you must never forget the door leading to the garage. Deadbolt installation is often recommended to ensure that intruders won't have access to your house if they break in from the garage.

Don't underestimate lock rekey

Lock rekey may be an easy procedure and you won't actually have a new lock but at least you will have a new key. The experts of our company in San Tan Valley often recommend lock rekey to people moving to new properties or those who cannot afford lock change.

How to keep keys in good condition

Your goal is to keep keys from eroding or getting distorted. So, keep them out of the sun and avoid putting them together with other things. If they start showing first signs of rust, key replacement is a must. Don't leave keys in moisture areas either.

Don't trust ground floor windows

Family homes are easily accessed by back doors but also windows. People hardly give attention to the importance of good window lock installation and leave windows unlocked and open. Burglars often come in from windows and our experts will also advise you to keep them closed because, intruders reach in to get your keys, too.

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